Vetamit, October 2020
With time, poultry farming, which used to be backyard turned out to be fully commercial and intensive nowadays., September 2020
Trials with tilapia in Thailand show that diets containing L-selenomethionine increase performance and provide high protection against pathogenic pressure.
Dairy Global, July 2020
Heat stress has a dramatic impact on feed consumption and milk production in dairy cows. It is responsible for large economic losses in the livestock industry.
Aquaculture Magazine, July 2020
Trials with tilapia in Thailand showed increased performance and high protection against pathogenic pressure
Dairy Mail, June 2020
The trace mineral selenium is involved in both antioxidant activity and the immune system. Selenium-deficient animals have been shown to have lowered immunity and resistance to disease.
Orffa, May 2020
Ondanks het voorkomen van lage concentraties in de bodem, planten en ruwe grondstoffen is het spoorelement selenium uitermate belangrijk voor de optimale gezondheid en prestatie van dieren.
Allevatori Top, May 2020
Il selenio è un minerale-traccia fondamentale per la difesa immunitaria e per il sistema antiossidante.
Orffa, May 2020
Geringe Selengehalte in Böden sind allgegenwärtig. Als essenzielles Spurenelement für Wiederkäuer ist Selen jedoch u.a. für Wachstum, Fruchtbarkeit und die Vorbeugung von Mastitis und Kälberdurchfall erforderlich.

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