Organic selenium for optimal health and performance of dairy cows

In the January edition of the Dutch magazine ‘Melkveebedrijf’ an article is published about organic selenium and its positive effects on health and performance in dairy cows. In the article the beneficial effects of organic selenium in comparison to inorganic selenium are discussed. Organic refers to the natural form of selenium, which is L-selenomethionine and the main form how selenium is present in roughage and other raw materials. The advantage of L-selenomethionine over other forms of selenium is that L-selenomethionine can be stored in body proteins (in the same way as the amino acid methionine). In this way a selenium reserve is build, which can be used at times of a high requirement or can be transmitted to the (unborn) calf. Also Excential Selenium4000 is discussed within this article. This is the new organic selenium and has all selenium in form of L-selenomethionine. The full article will be available shortly.

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