Orffa Skandinavien symposium 2018 was a great succes

Wednesday, 10th of January 2018, we had again a successful symposium in Orffa Skandinavien A/S. There were 37 participants from the swine feed industry, feed consultancy, feed research, as well as the fur animal industry, from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, who attended. Hotel Legoland in Billund facilitated the meeting in perfect surroundings in their auditorium.

The program consisted of highly relevant topics in modern swine industry. Seven speakers from Germany, Holland and France presented valuable information to the audience; information that in a high extent anticipates the major challenges in pig production the coming years. In the morning the focus was entirely on amino acid nutrition, where Ajinomoto-Eurolysine had selected Jaap van Milgen, INRA, Nathalie Le Floc’h, INRA and William Lambert and Eric Le Gall from AEL to present the latest knowledge on balanced amino acid nutrition and on how amino acids can enhance and support immunity in piglets.

In the afternoon professor Klaus Männer, Freie Universität Berlin, Patrick Köhlen, Pigflow and Arno van de Aa, Orffa Additives shared their knowledge concerning gut health in sows and piglets, longevity in sow production and actual solutions for modern pig nutrition with us.

The day was concluded with a marking of two anniversaries; 50 years Orffa and 30 years Orffa Skandinavien Symposium. The guests received a small gift from AEL as well as Orffa.

From the archives a list of participants from the symposium in 1992 actually survived. Seven participants in 2018 had also attended in 1992, which we thought should be reason for a small celebration, where they stood forward and received a small gift as a token of appreciation for attending our symposium for so many years.

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