Orffa presents ongoing research to reduce severity of Necrotic Enteritis.

Promoting and maintaining animal health results in minimizing susceptibility to stressors, while providing positive interactions in the intestine. While a single additive may not always provide the proper function in all possible disease situations, a combination of Excential Alliin Plus and Calsporin® may help to mitigate the multifactorial disease Necrotic Enteritis (NE) which continues to be the major broiler disease in the industry.

Collaboration efforts between Calpis and Orffa, designed with Southern Poultry Research included two trials evaluating Alliin Plus and Calsporin® during the onset of NE.  Alliin Plus and Calsporin® alone improved performance and lesion scores, however the combination reduced mortality but up to 74% and continued to promote positive performance after the onset of the disease. Dr. Kim Wilson presented these findings at the Poultry Science Association 2019 meeting. The combination of Alliin Plus and Calsporin® may be a proper tool to reduce the severity of NE.

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