Orffa partners up with Woogene B&G and Schothorst Feed Research for first technical seminar in Korea

On 14th of October, Orffa and Woogene B&G (Orffa’s Korean distributor) have organized their first seminar in Korea with special invitation of Schothorst Feed Research.

Goal of this seminar was to bring Orffa further under the attention of the Korean feed manufacturers as a company with emphasize on knowledge-based partnerships and well-founded research data. As a partner to its clients, Orffa would like to be seen as Engineer of your feed solutions. Supporting this slogan, Orffa and its Korean partner Woogene B&G, decided to team up with Schothorst Feed Research and have invited its director of research, mr. Piet van der Aar for a lecture on fat digestion.

Feed costs

Energy is a major cost component in animal diets. Optimizing digestion of the supplied fats and oils is key in minimizing feed cost. Mr Piet vd Aar highlighted the main factors involved like amount of fat in the diet, ratio unsaturated/saturated, effect of pellet versus mash feed and many more. Key message of this presentation is that fat digestion is subject to multiple parameters and it is very important to use the correct energy evaluation.

Orffa’s International Technical Manager Marc Rovers discussed further on fat digestion and emphasized on the possibility of improving fat digestion by using a nutritional emulsifier. A concept based on HLB was discussed to choose the right type of emulsifier. Excential Energy Plus (Orffa’s emulsifier) has been introduced as a highly efficient product based on this new approach towards emulsification. Due to its technical specification and low dosing rate the product is very cost efficient. New trial results that prove the concept were shared with the audience. Conclusion is that Excential Energy Plus is the perfect alternative to decrease feed costs by exchanging expensive fats and oils or choose for an improvement of performance, depending on the desired result.



Excential Selenium 4000 and Excential Alliin Plus

Engineering your feed solutions, being Orffa’s slogan also was the perfect opportunity to highlight two other specialty products: Excential Selenium4000 and Excential Alliin Plus.

Excential Selenium 4000 is Orffa’s organic selenium, often referred to as new generation organic selenium. The product outperforms traditional organic selenium sources based on the fact that it has no variation and all selenium is present in most effective organic form (selenomethionine). Recent trial results show the difference in selenium deposition between products and these data were shared during the seminar.

Finally also Excential Alliin Plus has been further introduced. The product is a formulation of garlic and cinnamon, two very active components. Uniqueness of Excential Alliin Plus is the specific production process which ensures optimal product activity in the animal.

Emphasis during the seminar was on the specialty product line Excentials. Introduction has also been given on the Elovitals and Top Select product range, which are respectively ingredients (vitamins) and distributed products.

Hopefully the start of many more technical session in Korea.

For more information on the content of the seminar, please contact with your distributor or Orffa contact person.



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