Orffa participates in the first CERSA symposium on poultry production on Togo, Lomé.

In 2016, Orffa has signed a partnership with the University of Lomé and with CERSA, the “Centre d’Excellence Regional sur les Sciences Aviaires”. CERSA is an organization founded and supported by the World Bank Group, and is considered the regional hub for the development of efficient poultry production and nutrition in Western Africa. The CERSA recently organized a symposium with as main topic “Poultry Production under Hot and Wet Climatic Conditions”.


Ludo Segers, CDO Orffa, presented 2 posters, entitled “Effect of L-Selenomethionine supplementation during stress periods of starter broilers and chronic cyclic heat stressed finishing broilers” and “Emulsifier improves energy utilization in broiler chickens”. These presentations reflect recent research with Excential Selenium4000 and Excential Energy Plus in Belgium and Brazil respectively. Besides these posters, Ludo Segers also presented 2 papers entitled “Biofortification of Selenium in animal husbandry” and “Feed additives for climatic stress”. The symposium was extremely well attended by over 100 Researchers and Professors from the concerned region, from Nigeria to Senegal, leaders in research and development on poultry production in the Region West-Africa. Among the speakers, also international specialist were invited, which represented the international WPSA organization, KULeuven University and INRA, France. Orffa’s committed to support the development of the poultry production in Africa, and to offer solutions available, allowing to cope with the challenges this young industry is encountering.

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