Orffa contributed to the 1st PanAfrican Poultry Conference

The 1st PanAfrican Poultry Conference “PPC 2019” was held May 14-17th 2019 at the University of Lomé, Togo. The PPC was organized in a collaboration of CERSA and WPSA.

CERSA is the Regional Center of Excellence on the Poultry Production (Centre d’Excellence Régional sur les Sciences Aviaires), based at the University of Lomé and sustained by the World Bank, with the geographic and scientific territory of West-Africa.

Attendees were the regional university researchers, regional industrial partners and worldwide researcher and industrial partners. Orffa is one of the official partners of CERSA for years and sustains in this way the growth of the poultry production in Africa. The program covered poultry production systems, nutrition, metabolism, reproduction, product quality and economics.

Ludo Segers from Orffa International presented 2 papers. As mycotoxins are a real problem under hot and humid climat conditions, Orffa presented an interesting benchmark study on 20 different mycotoxin binders and Excential Toxin Plus. Furthermore Orffa presented as Invited Speaker the subject of Selenium Biofortification. Indeed, Selenium is an essential micronutrient for animal health and can be uploaded efficiently in animal products in the advantage of not only animal but also human health. Based on the different animal trials comparing different selenium sources and Excential Selenium4000, the subject of “Hidden Hunger” was discussed.

The conference was a real meeting point with a lot of experiments under Subsaharian conditions where the different players had the opportunity to discuss typical heat stress subjects like oxidative stress, metabolic consequences, genetics, and where the Excential range of products inclusive Betaine will contribute to the solutions.

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