Orffa as a bronze sponsor at the AFMA forum in Sun city, South Africa

Orffa was proud to be a bronze sponsor at the AFMA forum in Sun city, South Africa (3-5 March). The forum attracted more than 800 representatives.

As an integral part of South-Africa’s agricultural scene since 1945, AFMA has adapted to change and fulfilled its commitment to its members by keeping them informed of technical and regulatory changes within the feed industry. Themed – ‘Explore today for a better tomorrow’ – the conference programme covered everything from the changing face of technology to the challenges faced by an industry grappling with the demands of climate change and food security.

It was on this stage that Brecht Bruneel, Central Technical Manager – Orffa, talked about the possibility of increasing the nutritional quality of meat, milk and eggs by means of fortification. Prime example of this technique is the usage of L-selenomethionine in animal diets. This molecule has the ability to increase selenium concentration to such an extent in animal products that it not only benefits the animal itself or its offspring but also consumers. The technique has the potential to eliminate selenium deficiency in humans in Africa and beyond, but convincing/educating consumers of the benefit is an important task.

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