Orffa Animal Production Seminars Colombia

On September 27 & 28, Orffa Colombia, headed by Diana Hernandez, organized a couple of Orffa Animal Production Seminars in the cities of Buga and Bogota.

Among the audience were traditional Orffa customers like Solla, Pronavicola, Avidesa, Mac Pollo, DIPEC and ZAMS. The purpose was to have an open discussion about the Orffa products portfolio being sold in Colombia (Energy Plus, Beta-Key and Selenium4000) as well as to introduce Orffa for the first time to new potential customers.

The presentations were dictated by Hector Navarro, International Technical Manager and by Jorge Plata, a reknown and respected Colombian nutritionist and researcher. Orffa has reached a new level of presence in the region, where service and companionship with the producers has become crucial for its further growth and to build confidence.

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