Orffa actively participated at the “Foro de Análisis de la Industria de Alimentación Animal” in Mexico

From May 22 to 24, Orffa International through its office in Mexico, actively participated with a booth and its staff presence (Hector Navarro and Mauricio Sosa) at the “Foro de Análisis de la Industria de Alimentación Animal – Phorum for the Analysis of the Animal Feed Industry) organized by CONAFAB (National Chamber of Feed Producers) in favor of its more than 20 associates, among which is Orffa. This event took place in Cancun Mexico where, during two days different aspects like sustainability, public policies, domestic and international regulations, as well as worldwide challenges like the presence of African swine fever were presented and discussed by all the actors in this important industry.

Probably the topic with greatest impact was the international challenge to control, eventually eradicate and certainly prevent the arrival of the African swine fever to countries where this disease is still exotic. Its presence in China has translated into a drastic reduction in the production of pork, estimated at 10 million metric tons, not only reducing the consumption of pork products , but greatly reducing the consumption of the international crops of soybeans and corn. This scenario impacts all the segments of the feed industry chain, due to the presence of a significant surplus of corn and soybeans that have forced the traders to reduce their price, impacting evidently over decisions for future planting and the constant presence of a grain stock estimated at 201%. This situation pushes the corn producers to go into ethanol, a greater production of DDG’s and a tremendous pressure to expand the feed consumption to the poultry industry, particularly for chicken production. The speed at which the poultry industry can react, greatly contrasts with an eventual expansion of new swine producing areas that if made, would take more than two years to supply the market, but never to the expected volume needed.

Orffa can capitalize this new trend by focusing to be part of the expansion of the broiler industry, participating with important feed additives like Beta-Key, Energy Plus, Excential Allin Plus and Excential Selenium4000. The same to monitor eventual new pork producing areas in Mexico or other countries with products like Zincoat, Butycoat and Buty90, as well as Beta-Key, Excential Selenium4000  and Energy Plus.

Orffa distributed technical material and spoke to other members of the feed industry during this important event.

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