Global sustainability objectives of the United Nations

In 2015, the United Nations, representing about 200 nations, agreed on a protocol, having an ambition to improve the quality of life of people by 2030.

This is a process which started already in 1992, and which led in 2015 to the Agenda for Sustainable Development. All United Nations members acknowledge these objectives and recognize that ending poverty goes hand in hand with improving health and education, by reduction of inequality by means of stimulating the global economic growth. Important constraints in this ambition are the control of climate change and the preservation of oceans and forests.

The UN defined 17 sustainable development goals (SDG), describing these ambitions.

Several of these ambitions can be realized by adopting a more ‘sustainable’ animal production and this was recognized by our industry, who took several initiatives to contribute to the solution.

The UN ambitions are also acknowledged and confirmed in the Global Climate Agreement in Paris (2015), as well as embedded in the policies and strategies of the EU, who formulated a European Green Deal to reassure that Europe will become climate neutral. Europe issued a policy to re-orientate the animal production towards a more sustainable direction (From Farm to Fork… from Feed to Fork).

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