Fefana Vitamins in Animal Nutrition

This booklet is the fruit of the work of the FEFANA working Group on Vitamins, and gives an overview of the state of the art knowledge on the use of vitamins in animal nutrition.
The main objective is to provide a functional and comprehensive overview of the application of vitamins in livestock.

Prior to focusing on the detail of each individual vitamins and its use as feed ingredient, we will provide basic information on the physical and chemical characteristics of each vitamin. This information will be given for the active substance, as well as for the commercial products available

Relevant information on the natural occurrence in feedstuffs, on in-feed recommendations, as well as on safety, production methods and on activity levels will also be dealt with. Attention will also be paid to the commercially available products, and to the most essential quality criteria.

Finally, the basics of the regulatory requirements will be listed in the final chapter, allowing the reader to understand the high standards, which are required and essential for today’s farming practice.

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