Orffa organised its 2nd E-learning Challenge Day, a platform for employee training and development

Communication is key to continuously having our most advanced knowledge available worldwide. Specifically in COVID19 times, where face-to-face meetings are restricted, an online method is key.

November 18, the 2nd  internal E-learning Challenge Day was organized by our technical team (Brecht Bruneel, Lien Vande Maele, Pauline Rovers Paap, Marieke Swinkels, Kim Wilson, Arno van der Aa), a team that is dedicated to elevate our feed solution knowledge across the organization and externally. Orffa is known as a global knowledge provider in the animal feed additives segment. With a strong focus on R&D and technical support, it is important that the latest product developments are shared globally. This strengthens our employees to be well equipped and trained, which provides high quality technical support of feed solutions for livestock, pets and aquatic species all over the world!

Periodically, this day is organized to give extra technical support to colleagues worldwide via our E-learning platform, the Orffa Academy. We hope our colleagues all enjoyed this initiative!

As a global company we are committed to keeping all our employees up to date. Lifelong learning allows our specialists to have the best available information at their fingertips, which helps them to evolve and increase their impact and contribute to the company in an efficient way. A win-win-win for Orffa, its’ employees and our customers.

Are you interested in one of our feed solutions and in the support we offer? Please contact our specialists via the contact form on our website.

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