Declaração de continuidade dos negócios da Orffa

March 18, 2020

To whom it may concern,

Orffa Business Continuity Statement

The EU authorities, just as the national European governments are taking radical measures to control the spreading of the Covid-19 virus. Their main concern is to manage the epidemic, limiting the number of casualties to a minimum. Quarantine measures are in place, just as strict lock downs in several countries. Although the authorities are strict in limiting the freedom of people to move around, it is their major concern to safeguard the economic activities in the affected countries. Amongst economical sector which are spared from drastic measures ad which are considered priority sectors are human and animal nutrition, just as human and veterinarian pharmaceuticals.

At Orffa we encourage and respect these measures, and we have taken action to secure continuity of our operations. We have implemented a Corona Crisis Team, which is on constant standby, and which is in close contact with the authorities and professional organisations, This team has issued internal measures in line with the directives of our local and European authorities. These measures are in line with our existing contingency plans, which we developed for emergencies.

Personnel and Office operations:  Orffa has forbidden all internal and external meetings, and has implemented a system of home-officing. This encompasses that people with non-essential functions can operate from home, and that the essential functions in the offices are performed by rotating teams, which avoid contact with the other teams, as well as physical contact between team members,  in order to limit the risk of infection. These teams operate in rotation, consecutively from home and from the office, securing optimal service to our customers.

People with symptoms of fever or flu are immediately quarantined at home for at least 14 days, even without being infected with Covid-19.

Production and inventory: together with our producers and toll manufacturers all over the world, we have increased the pace of production, in order to have extra inventory of our key products, to be ready in case of production problems. This inventory is shipped all over the world to buffer stocks, guaranteeing that supply continuity to our global customers.

Logistics and Shipping: our logistic teams are in constant contact with our logistic service providers and with our shipping agents to monitor the situation on a real-time basis. In Europe, transport of animal nutrition products are considered a priority, just as human food products, which gives a maximum guarantee of delivery. In view of general transport limitations, delays may be observed due to extra administrative formalities. Sea freight between several countries is also becoming complicated, due to administrative delays and reduced capacity, which means that longer lead times should be taken into consideration. It is our intention to immediately inform our customers if delays in deliveries occur.

Orffa monitors the situation on a continuous basis, and we comply to the directives and regulations issued by the national and European authorities.

It is our main objective to guarantee continuity of our operations and to guarantee an optimal service to our esteemed customers.

Yours sincerely


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