Calsporin® probiotic approved by the EC for use in feed for sows, suckling piglets and dogs

The probiotic Calsporin® (Bacillus subtilis C-3102, No. 4b1820 – gut flora stabilizer) has been approved by the European Commission for the use in feed for sows, suckling piglets and dogs. Calsporin® contains viable spores of Bacillus subtilis C-3102 and is with a content of 1.0 x 1010 cfu / gram is highly concentrated. The robust spores of the Bacillus strain resist high temperatures during feed and supplement processing. During the long shelf life, Calsporin® has proven to maintain stable in different petfood products.

Calsporin® supports the development of a healthy microflora in the intestinal tract by shifting the microbial colonization in favor of mainly Lactobacillus spp. In turn; the proportion of opportunistic bacteria such as Coliforms, Salmonella and Clostridium spp. will be reduced.

With a minimum inclusion of 100 ppm, the European commission approved the use of Calsporin® in food for dogs. Having this new registration, Calsporin® is the first spore-forming probiotic authorized for the use in petfood. In dogs, Calsporin® has shown to improve the consistency of the stool and to reduce faecal odor components like ammonia and putrefactive compounds.

In sows, the addition of 30 ppm Calsporin® to the diet supports the high performing sows to maintain body weight and back fat in the critical lactation period. At the same time, the probiotic positively influences milk production as trial results show larger piglets at weaning with higher litter weaning weights. Use of Calsporin® in sow and creep feed improved the microflora from as well the sow as her suckling piglets. This resulted in a better health and fertility status of the sow and a more optimal faecal scores of the young piglets. The proven efficacy of Calsporin® comes with a low input costs, supporting the longevity of the sows and vitality of the piglets.

The new registrations complement the existing approval of Calsporin® in feed for weaned piglets (< 35 kg), broilers, laying hens, turkeys, minor avian species (e.g. game and ornamental birds) and ornamental fish.

CALSPORIN®, manufactured in Japan by Asahi Calpis Wellness Co. Ltd, is being sold and marketed in Europe by Orffa.

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