Benchmark study commercial mycotoxin binders

March 12-14, 2018

Benchmark study commercial mycotoxin binders presented at the 10th World Mycotoxin Forum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The 10th World Mycotoxin Forum was organized in the city of Amsterdam and attracted food and feed industry representatives , (university) researchers and governments officials from around the world. The Forum aimed to contribute to the goal of taking mycotoxin control to the next level and offered an excellent way to share ideas to close current knowledge gaps. As part of this Forum, a webinar was organized by AllAboutFeed where three experts in mycotoxin control and management offered their insights based on novel research.

On behalf of Orffa, Brecht Bruneel was invited to lecture at this webinar. He presented the results of 7 years of research that lead to extensive knowledge on binding activity of single ingredients against various mycotoxins, followed by a screening of commercially available complexed mycotoxin binders. The benchmark study, comprising 19 different commercial mycotoxin binders and Excential Toxin Plus, shows that binding (adsorption) can only be part of the solution against mycotoxicosis in animals. Some mycotoxins are very difficult to bind (e.g. trichothecenes) and other defense mechanisms should be considered. DON has been reported to impact the small intestine by reducing the villus height and increasing the permeability resulting in decreased nutrient uptake. Betaine has countered negative impacts of several stressors on villi height and gut permeability and should be considered as an active component in the fight against mycotoxins. Propionate compounds, on the other hand, can act as a preventive measure by suppressing the growth of fungi and thereby prevent further production of mycotoxins in the latter part of the farm-to-fork route .

Excential Toxin Plus, manufactured by Orffa, combines three binders with the activity of betaine and propionate compounds to offer a complete solution. The benchmark study shows that the quality of Excential Toxin Plus matches the results of best products in the market and outperforms the majority of products on binding properties of one or more mycotoxins.

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You can also watch our webinar video:

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