20th Orffa Benelux symposium: Latest news on amino acid nutrition and introduction of Excential Selenium4000

On May the 6th Orffa organized its yearly symposium in Etten-leur, the Netherlands. A great number of researchers and nutritionists from Belgium and the Netherlands attended the symposium, chaired by dr. Paul Bikker from WageningenUR Livestock Research. During a full day program several topics were addressed. The latest research results were given on pig amino acid nutrition, but also topics as probiotics and hydroxy copper for piglets were addressed. The symposium was also the start of the launch of a new generation of organic selenium. Orffa introduced the Excential Selenium4000.

Tryptophan as an essential amino acid for growing pigs

Dr Sam Millet from ILVO Belgium was the first speaker of the symposium. He showed the results of intensive research of the optimal level of tryptophan in growing pigs. His research confirmed that formulating pig diets with a low protein level is perfectly possible if the correct level of amino acids, such as tryptophan is supplied. The research of Dr. Millet confirmed that the optimal trp/lys ratio was in line with an earlier published meta-analyse showing minimum 20%(Trp/Lys SID) for growing pigs. All this shows the possibility for lower crude protein levels in growing pigs to reduce feed cost and optimize performance.

Lowering CP in piglets; how low can we go

Lowering crude protein levels in piglet feeds has numerous positive effects. Lowering N-excretion, lowering buffering capacity of the diet, improving intestinal health, etc. Knowledge on the requirement of all essential amino acids is needed. Dr. Alfons Jansman from Wageningen University & Livestock Research discussed the benefits and possibilities for low crude protein diets in piglets. Based on recent research Dr. Jansman showed the possibilities for a safe CP reduction, without negative effects on performance. Balancing the diet according the ideal protein concept is essential.

Recent advances in amino acid nutrition

The morning program was closed by Mr. Etienne Corrent (Ajinomoto Eurolysine s.a.s., France). He showed the latest research results for optimal amino acid nutrition. Looking at the requirement for the essential amino acids and the effects on feed intake and growth when there is an imbalance.

Introduction: New generation organic selenium

Orffa was proud the present a new generation of organic selenium: the Excential Selenium4000. Mr. Marc Rovers (Orffa Additives) showed the audience the benefits and unique aspects of this new product. In contrast to selenized yeast, all selenium in the product is bound as effective organic selenium, which is selenomethionine. Selenomethionine is the only selenium form which can be stored in the body or passed on to offspring or products like milk and eggs. The superior bioavailability is clearly shown in several animal trials.

Intellibond – hydroxy copper in piglets

Copper is a widely used trace element in piglets, the most general form is copper sulfate. Prof. Dr Georg Dusel from University of applied science Bingen showed the comparison of different copper sources in weaned piglets, showing the benefits of Intellibond hydroxy copper over copper sulfate. Piglets fed Intellibond hydroxy copper showed higher weight gain and feed conversion compared to copper sulfate.

Calsporin, the probiotic for weaned piglets

The last presentation of the symposium discussed the effect of the sporeforming probiotic Calsporin in piglets. Ms. Noriko Nakamura from Calpis Co. ltd. showed results of intensive research of Calsporin in piglets, showing the benefits: improved gut health, protection against post-weaning diarrhea and improving performance.
Orffa would like to thank the chairman, the speakers and of course all the participants for this very successful day!

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