2016 Orffa Benelux Symposium discusses amino acid and trace mineral nutrition

Amino acids and trace minerals were the key topics during the yearly Orffa Benelux symposium. The 2016 edition of this well attended event took place on May 26th in Etten Leur, The Netherlands.

Amino acids and low protein diets for pigs

In the morning session amino acid nutrition for pigs was discussed. The speakers give latest insight in amino acid nutrition and focused on the importance of meeting the animal’s requirement for amino acid without oversupplying protein. This can be achieved by formulating diets with a low crude protein level and supplementing the essential amino acid.

Jan Vaerum Norgaard from Aarhus University focused on the requirement for next limiting amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine for piglets. Anna Wessel from university of Barcelona talked about leucine and histidine for piglets. Both speakers made clear that with the latest research we learn more and more about the requirements of the animals, which enables nutritionist to formulate better diets. No lack and no excess of amino acids is the main message.

Aude Simongiovanni from Ajinomoto Eurolysine shifted the topic to older pigs and showed that with the right knowledge on amino acid, it is possible to formulate lower crude protein diets for growing pigs. She showed that diets without soybean meal are possible. Low crude protein diets can help to lower environmental impact and contribute to a sustainable pig production.

Trace element nutrition

In the aternoon the topic switched to trace elements. The importance of selenium for animal nutrition and the difference between organic and inorganic selenium in the metabolism was discussed in detail. The benefits of a new generation of organic selenium that has all selenium in most efficient organic form (Excential Selenium4000) was shown by new animal trials. Also trace elements copper and zinc for animal nutrition were discussed and differences between different forms of the trace elements were shown.

Please read more informaton on the symposium in an article in the Dutch magazin De Molenaar via the link below.


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